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PPS Plus® is a market leading provider of OASIS analysis software for the home health care industry.

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Top 10 ICD-10 Coding Errors (and how to fix them!)

FREE WEBINAR: Join Jennifer Warfield, PPS Plus's Education Director, as she discusses the top 10 most common ICD-10 coding mistakes often made by beginner and advanced coders. Discover quick ways to correct these errors, how to prevent these mistakes in the future and what these corrections could mean for your agency.

Results that matter to home health care professionals

  • Accurate Medicare Reimbursement

  • Quality Outcomes

  • Improved Patient Care

The revenue increase paid for a year of OASIS Analysis Plus in just three months! It really picks up on mistakes and inconsistencies. The case mix average report has been extremely helpful with my review of our status in terms of types of patients and case mix averages. I can review if it is going up or down and how it relates to PT usage.

Watch Video Pam Ireland, Director, Mt. Carmel Regional Medical Center Home Care, Pittsburg, KS
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