How to Report M0030 (SOC Date) & M0090 (Date Assessment Completed)

• Ann Giles

M0030, SOC Date & M0090, Date Assessment Completed

The majority of start of care assessments that come across my desk have the same date reported in M0030, SOC Date, and M0090, Date Assessment Completed. I would like to think that this is just a mere coincidence, but I know that this is due to a lack of understanding of what should be reported in these M items. Let’s take a closer look at these two items.

M0030, SOC Date, is the date that the first reimbursable service is delivered. This is the beginning of payment episode and should be reported as the “from date” on the RAP and final bill.

M0090, Date Assessment Completed, specifies the actual date that the assessment, the paperwork, is completed. You have up to five days after the SOC date (with the SOC date being day 0) to complete the paperwork. M0090 may not always coincide with a home visit. It may be the date that the last bit of information is received from the MD/family.

Let’s look at a few examples of when M0030 and M0090 will differ:

  1. When an agency’s policy is for an RN to perform the SOC assessment in therapy only cases, and the nurse cannot make the visit the same day as the PT. M0030 will be the day the PT makes his/her first visit. M0090 will be the day that nursing completes the SOC paperwork (can be up to five days after the SOC)
  2. Nursing and PT are ordered at the SOC. SOC is completed on Monday by the RN. PT goes out Thursday and reports back to the RN that they anticipate 10 therapy visits. M0030 will be Monday’s date, the date the RN went out and performed the first billable visit. M0090 will be Thursday’s date, the date the RN received the last piece of information from the PT to complete the assessment.
  3. Nursing completes a SOC visit on Wednesday. She notes an MD order not to remove the surgical dressing until Friday. She makes an additional visit on Friday and observes a well approximated surgical wound with no signs or symptoms of infection. She updated M1340/M1342 accordingly. M0030 in this case will be Wednesday’s date. M0090 will be reported as Friday’s date, the date the surgical wound was observed.

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Director of Coding & OASIS Review

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