How to Answer M1000 for ROCs and SOCs

• Ann Giles

Answering M1000 for ROCs and SOCs

When answering M1000, ALL inpatient facilities from which the patient was discharged within the 14 days preceding OASIS completion should be captured. Sometimes home health agencies are stumped when completing this item at SOC. In OASIS Q&As, Q32.2 states,

"M1000 does not ask you to only report inpatient facility stays that meet the criteria for the OASIS Transfer (i.e. it does not require that the stay in the inpatient facility is for 24 hours or greater for reasons other than diagnostic test). It simply asks whether the patient was discharged from an inpatient facility during the past 14 days."

So even if the patient was in the hospital less than 24 hours and required only diagnostic testing, you will still report that discharge in M1000.

When there is a discharge from an inpatient facility within the 14 days prior to the SOC, the actively-treated inpatient diagnoses should be listed in M1010. Being treated in the ER, transferred from another home health agency, or referred by a physician’s office are NOT considered inpatient admissions, and should not be considered here.

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