How to Answer GG0170C on the OASIS

• Ann Giles

How to Answer GG0170C (Mobility) on the OASIS

Item GG0170C is one of the new items on OASIS-C2. This item asks the clinician to report the ability of the patient to safely move from a lying position on his/her back to sitting on the side of the bed with feet flat on the floor, and with no back support. Direct observation is preferred when answering this item, but a report given by the patient, caregiver or family can be considered. The patient should be allowed to perform this activity as independently as possible and safety should also be taken into account when answering this item. If caregiver assistance is required because the patient’s performance is unsafe or of poor quality, enter the response according to the amount of assistance required to be safe. Use of assistive device(s) to complete this activity should not affect the scoring of the item.

The assessing clinician is asked to report two values here: one for the SOC/ROC performance and one for the discharge goal. For the SOC/ROC value, report the patient’s usual status at the time of the SOC/ROC using the 6-point scale or one of the three responses indicating that the activity was not attempted. The six point scale ranges from a 06 indicating that the patient is independent to 01 indicating that the patient is totally dependent. The scores in between represent varying levels of assistance required. There are three additional codes indicating that the activity was not attempted:

·   07 – indicating that the patient refused

·   09 – NA the patient did not perform this activity prior to the current illness

·   88 – indicating that the activity was not attempted due to medical conditions or safety

The assessing clinician in conjunction with the patient and family input, should establish the discharge goal. Note that the discharge response must be a response from the six point scale. The three responses indicating that the activity was not attempted are NOT appropriate discharge goals.

For both the SOC/ROC score and the discharge goal a dash (-) is a valid response, but you must remember what CMS says about the dash. It indicates that no information is available, and/or an item could not be assessed. This most often occurs when the patient is unexpectedly transferred, discharged or dies before an assessment of the item could be completed. CMS expects the use of the dash response to be a rare occurrence.

As always, refer to Chapter 3 of the OASIS Guidance Manual for more details on the OASIS items. 

Ann Giles, RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C

Director of Coding & OASIS Review

A native of La Place, LA, Ann joined PPS Plus after earning her degree from Louisiana State University. She contributes her expertise and nursing experience in developing the thousands of alerts within OASIS Analysis Plus. When not submerged in her coding, Ann loves to submerge herself in tropical waters for some scuba diving and spearfishing with her husband, Ryan.