PPS Plus Launches New Update to Help Home Health Agencies Boost Star Rating & Value-based Incentive Payments

• Jenée Daigle

PPS Plus Launches New Update to Help Home Health Agencies Boost Star Rating & Value-based Incentive Payments

The experts at PPS Plus are excited to announce the anticipated release of a new software update that will help its users gain a competitive edge in terms of their star rating and value-based incentive payments.

OASIS Analysis Plus, PPS Plus’s industry-leading OASIS Analysis software, has helped Medicare-certified home health agencies achieve OASIS accuracy, patient outcome improvement and reimbursement success since 1996. Its symbols and alerts quickly identify OASIS errors, coding errors, clinical inconsistencies and even provide reimbursement forecasting. These helpful alerts allow OASIS reviewers to make OASIS corrections prior to submission to CMS, thus increasing their documentation accuracy and ultimately their reimbursement.

“The costliest mistake a home health agency can make is submitting inaccurate OASIS documentation,” said PPS Plus’s founder, John Shinn.

Quality patient care and reimbursement accuracy are notoriously known for being key components to ensuring an agency’s success, but now home health agencies have two additional components to consider – their star rating and value-based incentive payments.

“This new software release now tackles all four factors, making it a powerhouse application for home health agencies,” said Shinn.

The latest version of OASIS Analysis Plus now boasts several new updates, which empowers users with the opportunity to not only achieve OASIS and reimbursement accuracy, but now the opportunity to boost their star rating. What other successes await on the horizon? Improved patient care and higher earnings from an increase in value-based incentive payments.

“It’s only a matter of time before all 50 states are fully impacted by the value-based purchasing program, said Mark Scott, PPS Plus’s VP of Sales. “This update offers those nine selected VBP states the ability to maximize their 2016 performance in order to boost their incentive payments for 2018.”

While this update can help boost any home health agency’s performance, the PPS Plus software engineering team developed these new features with the consideration of the VBP states and their future success.

“Our success depends on the success of home health agencies across the country, and the only way to stay ahead in this industry is to stay ahead of the upcoming changes,” said Shinn. “This release can remove VBP struggles and allow agencies to put their focus where it should be – patient care.

Here is the breakdown of these “breakthrough” updates:

1. Two New Flags (Star Rating & VBP): Boost your star rating and value-based incentive payments with helpful built-in alerts within the assessment analysis.

2. All New Symbols: Identify problem areas even easier with simple and intuitive icons in your assessment analysis.

3. Assessment Comparison Report: Improve patient outcomes with highlights on your M items indicating “no change” in status/improvement in any case, as opposed to only highlighting if there is no change in status after a decline.

Click here to view a sample report, and see these flags and updates in action.

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