Retaining A Temporary Manager Will Empower Your Agency

• Ginny Kenyon

Growing a home health, hospice, or non-skilled homecare agency is no easy task. From government rules and regulations to rehospitalization outcomes, numerous factors affect the success of your organization. The good news? There’s at least one sure-fire way to experience growth in the homecare industry no matter what happens: hire a temporary manager.

Reasons to Hire a Temporary Manager

There comes a point in every business owner’s career where he or she stands at a crossroad. You’re faced with a major transition and must determine your next step. This time is crucial; the way you handle the change can either help or hurt your organization.

The reasons for major transitions in home care agencies vary, but no matter the cause, you’ll benefit from outside help. Here are a few instances that call for a temporary manager:

  • Short-term replacement of lost manager
  • Training and orientation of new manager
  • Organizational assessments
  • Evaluation of current goals and/or organizational redirection
  • Introduction of a new business line

How a Temporary Manager Benefits Your Organization

Now that you have an idea of when you may need to work with an interim manager, let’s discuss how doing so benefits your entire agency.

The Benefits to Owners

Working with a temporary manager benefits you as a homecare owner in several ways. Namely, by helping you grow your business even during times of transition.

Let’s face it. You’ll come across challenging times often during your career, and the less these challenges interrupt your daily operations the better. Allowing expert temporary managers to assume some of your work load reduces stress, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

The Benefits to Managers and Staff

Whether you’re adding a service, opening an additional location, or attempting to fill the void from the loss of a management-level employee, transitions quickly become overwhelming for managers and staff.

The level of work that’s required to handle these transitional periods often leads to employee burn-out, which decreases productivity. It can also cause team member unrest, resulting in employee turnover. Therefore, not only is work flow affected within the organization but also the level of satisfaction among your clients.

The Benefits to Clients

Speaking of clients, working with a temporary manager helps keep them happy no matter what’s going on in your organization. Think of it as a trickle-down effect. The temporary manager takes care of management duties within the agency, which keeps things running smoothly and increases employee morale. When morale is up among employees, it shows in their work—in other words, their client interactions.

Working with Kenyon HomeCare Consulting

As you can see, having a temporary manager during tough transition times is the best way to ensure continued growth and success even during change. At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we offer an Interim Management program that provides you with the full support of a temporary manager. Additionally, we offer individual services in addition to the complete Interim Management program. These include:

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation to discuss your business needs and goals.

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Ginny Kenyon is the founder and CEO of Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, a home health consulting firm that gives agencies a market advantage, promotes creative product development, and offers viable ways to achieve and sustain organizational and fiscal success.

Ginny Kenyon, RN

Founder & CEO, Kenyon Home Care Consulting, LLC

Ginny Kenyon, Founder and CEO of Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, is passionate about helping clients achieve unique success in the marketplace. Known for her ability to produce substantial results in a short period of time, her keen understanding of the home care industry allows clients to develop and implement long-term solutions.

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