How to CustomizeSecurity Levels in OASIS Analysis Plus

• Kurt Russell

Customizing Security Levels in OASIS Analysis Plus

An administrator can designate each software user as an administrator, organizational administrator, power user or user, but these titles carry different privileges. These assignments can be completed in “Settings.”

The security allowances of each user in OASIS Analysis Plus is listed in the chart below.

If your agency has multiple offices, an “administrator” could designate a specific user as an “organizational administrator.” This authorizes the user to modify data pertaining to the branches within a defined scope, but does not grant access to “settings” for all agency locations in the database.

Step 1: Click on Settings in the bottom left corner of OASIS Analysis Plus.

Step 2: Under the Security Settings folder in the top left corner, click Users. You may add, edit or remove a user in this section of the software.

Step 3: For each user, choose a Security Level in the drop-down box in the middle of the screen, and then click OK in the lower right corner.

Kurt Russell, RN, COS-C

Implementation Specialist

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