OASIS Analysis Plus®

OASIS Analysis

OASIS Analysis Plus® was developed to ensure an accurate OASIS upon submission and an accurate reimbursement upon receipt. OASIS Analysis Plus eliminates the pressure of having to manually review the OASIS for errors. Unlike other software vendors, OASIS Analysis Plus presents patient data in real time. Its built-in alerts quickly and easily pinpoint thousands of OASIS errors and clinical inconsistencies, so corrections can be made prior to submission. The quick and thorough analysis scans OASIS data and provides agencies with helpful alerts:

  • ICD-10 Coding Errors
  • OASIS Errors
  • Clinical Inconsistencies
  • Items Affecting HHRG Scoring
  • Items Affecting Reimbursement
  • Items Affecting Process Measure Data


OASIS Analysis Plus® is equipped with numerous clinical and financial reports to help you successfully manage your agency. At the click of your mouse, have clinical and financial information related to:

  • ICD-10 Primary Codes
  • Process Measures
  • Average Case-Mix Weight
  • Outcome Measures
  • Episode Expense
  • Referral Source Profit/Loss
  • HHRG Profit/Loss
  • PECOS Enrollment Validation


When you purchase OASIS Analysis Plus, you not only get the industry’s leading OASIS analysis software, you also receive added bonuses like:

  • Discounts on Educational Events
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Upgrades & Updates

I decided to purchase my own home health agency, after working for a home health agency who utilized OASIS Analysis Plus. I knew I wanted to implement the program for my own new business. The results from the OASIS scrubber pay for the software’s cost with just ONE OASIS assessment! Our outcome measures, steadily and dramatically, improve over the course of just a few months.

Richard Griffin, Administrator Advanced Personal Care- Pittsburgh, PA
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